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30th Jun, 2010

Prickly Chair by Valenina Glez Wohlers

Verging on, or some might argue most definitely, works of art, these chairs are a selection of relatively new offerings from some of the world’s most out-of-the-box designers. They need space around them to resonate– I wouldn’t advise parking the cactus chair amidst a room full of furniture. I’m thinking a vast white space with minimal decor and in most cases, probably best looking amidst their exhibition setting. The collector brave enough to take home one of these chairs undoubtedly shops regularly at B&B Italia and has no idea why IKEA is as popular as it is.

“Lathe V” chair by Sebastian Brajkovic
A very amusing parody on the Louis XV upholstered chairs, a seating “solution” at best, it could possibly pass as a take home piece, I wouldn’t mind mixing this in amongst some other quirky pieces.

“Remix” by Brodie Neill
An Australian designer, which might explain why this wooden and plastic bench looks something like a surfboard.


“SKL Lounge” chair by Brodie Neill
Another brilliant piece from the Aussie creator of the surfboard bench (above), there is something very inviting about this chair and that red interior comfort zone. Terribly futuristic, needing very clean and minimalist decor surrounding.

“Re-Tyre Chair” by Carl Menary
Cleverly named, although I’m not sure how comfy this would be to retire upon, the chair (suprisingly made out of a tyre) was designed by a young New Zealand industrial designer. I suspect this would be one the wifey would need convincing on!


The “Bloom Chair” by Kenneth Cobonpue

Born in the Philipines, Kenneth’s mother Betty, was a famous designer herself for creating new techniques in working with rattan. Certainly the most comfortable of the lot here, there is something very retro about this piece, I’m not sure whether I like it but would certainly appreciate it displayed amongst an array of colour in someone else’s home.                                                                                                         

“Stul” chair by Vladimir Tsesler and Sergio Voichenko
Sitting– yes these chairs are sitting crossed cross-legged on three elegant stems and actually, I can’t imagine them being too uncomfortable to perch on for the duration of a dinner party. They wouldn’t be out of place in a bit of a rock star pad.


The “Clutch Chair” by Scott Jarvie
How much mind-numbing concentration it must have taken this Glaswegian son of a graphic designer to group together 10,000 drinking straws in the form of a chair is almost sickening. I’m not too sure how this chair actually sits, perhaps it rocks, perhaps it’s not even possible to sit on– there was surprisingly no such practical information on the artist’s site.

“SIE43” chair by Pawel Grunert
This would probably be very handy for a back massage, not particularly the most attractive for the home but certainly a marvel to inspect. Made with a stainless steel frame with bottles that can easily be replaced if they show signs of damage, this piece was produced for the ‘Eco Trans Pop’ exhibition of ecological design in Milan.


The “Nemo” chair by Fabio Novembre
Quite a protective chair because of the curvature of the face, perhaps a little gimmicky but I would imagine you would see this in a Phillipe Starck hotel with drunken bar visitors queueing up to take pictures with it for their facebook profiles.                                                                                                    

“Night on Earth” by Wendell Castle

I find this an extremely attractive piece and could see this on stone flooring in an ultra eclectic holiday home somewhere by the sea. Does anyone else notice the resemblance of the chair to an exotic shark with it’s skin glistening in the dark beneath the water? Perhaps why Castle appropriately named it, ‘Night on Earth’?    Or it could just be me pretending like I know a thing or two about art.                                                                              

I hope you enjoyed! x

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