3 Reasons to Stop being an ass hole and say NO to Designer “It Bags”


16th Jul, 2012

Now wait a minute. I’m not just some anti-fashion hippie that’s mad at the world and trying to tell everyone to start carrying environmentally friendly potato sacks. I’m a qualified, fully-recovered “It Bag” addict myself. I started young, real young. At one point I sacrificed my entire Christmas wish list so that I could get just one designer bag. Things got bad and my ‘It bag’ obsession took me to some dark places that I’d rather not revisit right now …

It’s been over five years since I’ve been free of my ‘It Bag’ demons and I’d like to tell you exactly why I’ll never go back …

1) You’ll be less of an ass hole, more cool without the designer ‘It’ bag (also less poor). 


When you’re carrying a designer ‘It Bag’, you’re allowing people to make several assumptions about you before you even open your mouth. Number one assumption? You’re not very original. Not the impression you were hoping for? Hauling around the same bag that’s in all the glossy magazines, in the adverts, on the hot lists, on the arms of the most photographed celebrities and fashion editors– call me crazy but I’d say that’s a pretty good way to be perfectly unoriginal.

Someone explain to me the mentality behind wanting people to know exactly where you bought something from. Isn’t it half the fun of fashion when you make people wonder and ask “hey, where did you find that?” The satisfaction is bound to be greater when you pay less and discover something unique and original than flashing the cash for something everyone has seen already.


Not only will people perceive you as someone with a little more originality but more importantly, no one will define you just from looking at your handbag. Because you’re not just a handbag, are you?

2) I used to be an ass hole and don’t want to be one anymore. (Repeat to yourself if applicable).

Yup. When I first started my obsession with designer bags, I was a young, dumb and naïve teenager. And as I’m sure you do when you look back at yourself as a teen, I know I was mostly … well, an ass hole. Things I held value to as a teeny-bopper compared to the things I hold value to today are completely different. Teenage girls want them so they can look older, be seen carrying them and become part of the in-crowd at school, at the mall or wherever, but as you get older, how much does the reasoning behind wanting a designer bag really change?


Sure, you might develop a more acquired taste for design, move on from the Gucci bags to more sophisticated hard-t0-get Proenza Schouler or Celine bags, but does the reasoning behind the purchase ever really stray far from the fact that you just want to be ‘in’ with the cool crowd? Isn’t it tiring? (on your wallet)? A little ‘high school’? When are you going to stop trying? Maybe (newsflash)… you just don’t need to try that hard?

3) People will always wonder whether or not you’re funding child trafficking or terrorist organizations.

Another pesky assumption people make more and more these days if you’re carrying a designer handbag is whether or not it’s … ehem … a Fake! Knockoff designer bags today are so well-done and the networks selling them are so extensive, tempting even the most brand-faithful of fashionistas.


Almost everyone has known at one time or another, a friend of a friend who knows a guy who’s selling exact stitch-for-stitch copies of the latest It bags. Nobody is safe and thus everyone is a skeptic. Of course it should be noted that black market fake bags are funding all sorts of horrible things like child prostitution and human trafficking– so you wouldn’t want your bag to be associating you with anything like that.

But let’s be real; designer bags are a f**king rip off. And unless you’re filthy rich despite this downward spiraling economy, you’re probably going to have to forgo your rent money to afford one. And since most sane people wouldn’t do that, when we see someone swinging a designer bag as they walk down the street, it’s hard not to wonder … did that bag just fund a human trafficking round-up?






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