10 Things that Happened in the World while I was being a Nudist in the Wild


12th Aug, 2012

Hey folks, I’m back in Paris from my road trip, back on the blog and I’ll do my best to save you from the relentless Olympic media coverage you’ve been cruelly subjected to on the net recently. But first, I need to do a little round-up of what I’ve missed this week while I was frolicking naked in the southern French mountains (true story)….

1. Someone dressed these classical statues as hipsters:

French duo Alexis Persani and Léo Caillard created this project called Street Stone. Caillard photographed the statues first, and then he photographed his friends in similar poses, wearing selected trendy outfits. Using digital manipulation, Persani then created the illusion of the classic figures dressed in modern day garb. You’ll never look at classical sculptures in the same way…

 via here 

2. A Facebook coalition has formed to STOP Paul McCartney (and Elton John) from performing at any more British national events.

The group has already gained more than 100,000 members since its formation soon after the former Beatle performed at the Olympics opening ceremony, and the group hopes to take its complaint all the way to parliament.

” The only hit Macca has had in the last 20 years was one for £25million when he got divorced,” says the group’s founder. He has a point. Join here if you feel as strongly.

3. The sailor and nurse in iconic photograph “The Kiss”, reunited in Times Square after 67 years.

It’s a photograph that symbolizes the end of the war, snapped by infamous LIFE photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt. I’ve always looked at this photograph and thought these two were wartime sweethearts.

It turns out, not only had the two had never actually met before, but the sailor, George Mendonsa was in fact on a first date with another woman at the time.  The woman he kissed, Greta Zimmer Friedman, a dental assistant was randomly grabbed by George, who had been drinking since he heard the news of the war ending. He kissed Greta for about ten seconds while his date looked on.

‘I did not see him approaching, and before I know it, I was in this vice grip,’ Friedman remembers.

George’s date, Rita Petry, who later became his wife says, ‘A lot of people want to know what I was thinking. It was a happy day; I was grinning like an idiot. The kiss really didn’t bother me at all. If I had been engaged, maybe.’

George and Greta did not reenact their kiss.


4. Someone figured out how to make watermelon even more delicious:

via here

5. This couple got married despite the floods in the Phillipines

Really understanding the meaning of “for better or for worse”.

via here


6. These photographs of bulldogs in fancy dress were unearthed from 1905:

I just don’t know.

via here


7. Agent Skully and Mulder fell in love (in real life):

This may seem like just another piece of petty gossip to some, but to others who waited faithfully each night for the X-Files to come on television, this is big news. Huge!

Rumors are circulating like UFOs over a crop circle (see what I did there) that these two television stars are actually living together! Let’s hope this doesn’t end in a case of the EX-files! Oh gee, I’m just full of witty puns today.

I suppose I’m obliged to mention that these are rumors yet to be confirmed, but the truth is out there (queue x-files theme music).

8. North Korea continued to be the elephant in the room at the Olympics…

I managed to catch a news segment covering a roundup of the Olympics on my road trip last week. A french journalist was attempting to get an interview with a North Korean athlete in the Olympic village and was quite aggressively refused by the athletes coach.

In case you missed the elephant in the room because you were too distracted by women’s volleyball, North Korean athletes have not been allowed to mingle with other athletes from other nations inside the village and refuse to talk to reporters after their performances until their coach gives their blessing.

One North Korean athlete that reporters did get to hear from was weight lifter Om Yun Chol, after he won gold on Sunday. But all he wanted to talk about was the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

“How can any man possibly lift 168kg?” Om was asked by the Olympic News Service. “I believe the great Kim Jong Il looked over me … I am very happy and give thanks to our Great Leader for giving me the strength to lift this weight. I believe Kim Jong Il gave me the record and all my achievements. It is all because of him.”

Mind boggling…

9. This happened..

and this…

this too…

In case you’ve been struggling, what you’re looking at is the terrifying sport of synchronized swimming at the Olympics.


10. But on a lighter note, this French bulldog took a bath.

Hopefully next week the news highlights will look a little less like this…


with a little less of this…




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