13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (No.2)


24th Sep, 2012

Bonjour! Let’s try to forget that it’s Monday and get straight to the weird and wonderful findings from my morning dig on the internet…

1. Hidden Victorian Pet cemetery in London

Did you know there is a Victorian pet cemetery located in Hyde Park? Dating back to 1880, the cemetery is home to hundreds of small tombstones, engraved with loving epitaphs from adoring owners to the likes of Jack, Curly, Bijou and Ginger Blythe.  The Victorian aristocracy were particularly fond of their pets so special cemeteries for their furry friends were quite the norm.  There is no public access but you can get a good view through the railings.  It is situated on the corner of Victoria Gate and Bayswater Road.

2. Homeless Chic is now officially a thing in Fashion

Here is a photo shoot from next month’s issue of VOGUE Germany. Oh those fashion people! SO edgy!

via Shift


3. These existed for dieting purposes.

 via KitschyLiving


4.  Understanding Diner Lingo: 55 Phrases to Get You Started

Edward Hopper

  1. Adam and Eve on a raft/log -Two poached eggs on toast
  2. Adam’s ale/city juice/dog soup – Water
  3. All hot – A baked potato
  4. Axle grease/skid grease/cow paste – Butter
  5. Baby juice/moo juice/cow juice/Sweet Alice – Milk
  6. Belch water/balloon water – Seltzer or soda water
  7. Blonde with Sand – Coffee with cream and sugar.
  8. Bloodhound in the Hay – A hot dog with sauerkraut
  9. Bossy in a bowl – Beef stew
  10. Bow-wow/bun pup/tube steak/groundhog/Coney Island/Coney Island chicken/Coney Island bloodhound – A hot dog
  11. Breath – Onion
  12. Bronx vanilla/halitosis/Italian perfume – Garlic
  13. Bullets/whistleberries – Baked beans
  14. Burn one – Put a hamburger on the grill
  15. Burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it – A hamburger with lettuce, tomato and onion
  16. Burn the British – A toasted English muffin
  17. Cackle fruit/Cackleberries/Hen Fruit -Eggs
  18. Chicks on a raft – Eggs on toast
  19. Customer will take a chance/clean up the kitchen/sweep the floor – Hash
  20. Dough well done with cow to cover – Buttered toast
  21. Drag one through Georgia – Coca-Cola with chocolate syrup
  22. Draw one/a cup of mud – A cup of coffee
  23. Draw one in the dark – A cup of black coffee
  24. First lady – Spareribs (probably a pun on Eve being made from Adam’s rib)
  25. Fish eyes/cat’s eyes – Tapioca pudding
  26. Flop two – Two fried eggs over easy
  27. Frog sticks – French fries
  28. GAC – A grilled American cheese sandwich (Also called a “jack” or a “Jack Benny” if there’s bacon on it.)
  29. Gravel train – Sugar bowl
  30. Heart Attack on Rack – Biscuits and gravy
  31. Hemorrhage – Ketchup
  32. Hockey puck – A hamburger, well done
  33. Hounds on an Island – Franks and beans
  34. Houseboat – A banana split
  35. In the alley – Served as a side dish
  36. Maiden’s delight – Cherries (“cherry” is slang for the maidenhead (archaic), or hymen)
  37. Mississippi Mud/Yellow paint – mustard
  38. Mystery in the alley – A side order of hash
  39. Nervous pudding – Jelly/Jello
  40. Noah’s boy – A slice of ham (Ham was one of the Biblical Noah’s sons)
  41. Noah’s boy with Murphy carrying a wreath – ham and potatoes with cabbage
  42. On the hoof – Any kind of meat cooked rare
  43. Pair of drawers – Two cups of coffee
  44. Pittsburgh – Toast or burn something so it’s charred on the outside but still red on the inside (probably a reference to Pittsburgh’s smokestacks or coal beds)
  45. Put out the lights and cry – Liver and onions
  46. Sand/gravel/yum-yum – Sugar
  47. Sea dust – salt
  48. Shingle with a shimmy and a shake – Buttered toast with jam
  49. Shoot from the South/Atlanta special – Coca-Cola (the company’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia)
  50. Radio – A tuna salad sandwich on toast (“tuna down” or tuna on toast, sounds like “turn it down” the command often repeated when the radio is on in the kitchen)
  51. Wax – American cheese
  52. Whiskey – rye bread
  53. Whiskey down – rye toast
  54. Wreck ‘em – Scrambled eggs
  55. 86 – Remove an item from an order or from the menu

via Mental Floss


5. The Moustache Protector Tea Cup

In the 19th century, mustaches assumed all kinds of forms thanks to the holding power of wax. They were personal works of art. That spelled trouble at tea time. But never fear, the relentlessly inventive 19th century tinkerer devised a solution: the mustache protector.

Originally invented by English potter Harvey Adams in 1830, according to Allan Peterkin’s “One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair,” mustache guards were so popular that many others were quick to claim their own patents.

While drinking, a man would rest his majestic mustache on the guard that stretched across the inside of the cup. The ledge would block hot drinks from melting his mustache out of shape.

via here

6. What Karl Lagerfeld looked like when he was younger.

Photographed by Helmut Newton.

7. A Japanese company invented a wearable animal tale that syncs to your brain and various social networks.

Similar to the mechanical cat ears. Also, why?

YouTube Preview Image


speaking of….

8. Burning Money

Burning money for fuel during the inflation crisis in 1920s Germany when paper money was cheaper than coal and wood.

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9. America’s Weird & Wonderful Water Towers

Coffee pot and tea cup towers in Stanton, Iowa.

The Pineapple Tower in Honolulu, Hawaii, 1927-1993

The leaning tower in Texas. Like the leaning tower of Pisa, but not.

See more here


10. Someone named their company this:


11. Russian Pensioner decorates her entire house with Bottlecaps

via Design Boom


12. Girl Walks her Alligator down the Stairs

via Retronaut

Hamburger Motorcycle


13. Chatillon Car Graveyard

Chatillon Car Graveyard from WWII in Belgium.

There are hundreds of old, rusting cars left behind by American soldiers from a nearby base after World War II. If a soldier wanted to bring his car back to the U.S., it was up to him to pay for it, so they didn’t. Instead, each car was driven up a hill and parked in the trees. Most of this graveyard has now been cleared, but check out the slideshow of photos showing what this amazing site looked like.

YouTube Preview Image

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