Color Snapshots of Paris in another Era


22nd Nov, 2012

I found some rare autochrome photographs of Paris at the turn of the 20th century and thought you might like them. I was curious to compare each photograph with how it looks today so I’ve provided a link to most of them on Google Street view. Although much of Paris is still “old Paris”, not everything could stay exactly the same …


The entry of passage du Caire, number 33 Rue d’Alexandrie

How it looks today on Google Street view



Maison Close (brothel), 16 Rue Blondel

How it looks today on Google Street view



Corner of Rue du Bac and Boulevard Saint Germain

How it looks today on Google Street view



La Porte Saint Denis

How it looks today via Google Street view



Moulin Rouge

How it looks today via Google street view



Rue Sainte Foy and Rue d’Alexandrie

How it looks today via Google street view



Aubert Palace

How it looks today on Google Street view (it’s the Monoprix)



La Cigale, Boulevard Rochechouart

How it looks today on Google Street view



Le Pont Neuf

How it looks today on Google street view



Le Canal Saint Martin

How it looks today



Boulevard Beaumarchais and rue du pas-de-la-mule

How it looks today on Google Street view



Rue Saint Antoine



La Cour des Miracles et la rue des Forges

Rue Lepic

How it looks today on Google street view

Images via Paris 1914 and Albert Kahn Museum




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