Hot Wheels: The 80s French SuperCar that Never Was


17th Dec, 2012


The Citroën Karin was probably one of the most revolutionary concepts that came out of the 198os automobile industry, influencing futuristic car design for decades to come including a majority of the supercars we see on the road today. And it never even went into production.


For the 1980 Paris Auto Show, Citroën didn’t have any new models to present so they commissioned designer Trevor Fiore to design something that would attract attention to the brand. The unusual trapezoidal vehicle featured a three seater layout with the driver being seated centrally and ahead of the two passengers, way before the McLaren F1 came up with the layout in 1992. The steering wheel and dashboard look like something straight from a 1970s science-fiction TV series.

But while the design looked super cool and all that stuff, the car was deemed impractical and not a drivable car.









Still, I’ll take one in every colour.

via Citroenet




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