13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. XV)


1st Apr, 2013

1. The River House

This magical little place is a Derwish monastery or Tekke on the Buna river, 10 kilometers from the southern Bosnian town of Mostar. It was built by derwishes of the Bektashi order around 1470, under the Ottoman empire influence. Over the centuries ownerships changed from one order to the next. Here, you can float through caves via an underground karstic spring next to the old house.  Classed as a national monument, the monastery consisted of various buildings but over the time not all of them survived. When visiting, you can walk down the steps to the Buna river and there is a metal cup attached to a chain so that you can scoop up the fresh water for a taste.


Via Ffffound.com and The Australian


2. What Ali wore. Berlin’s 83 year-old dandy.

“This is Ali. He walks past my work every morning wearing great clothes,” explains photographer Zoe Spawton, who works in a cafe in Berlin and began noticing Ali as he walked passed every morning at 9:05am, impeccably dressed. She began to take his photo and launched What Ali Wore last August. Ali is an 83-year-old from Turkey who has been living in Berlin, Germany for the last 44 years. A former doctor, Ali now works as a tailor and has 18 children. Zoe’s photographs of Ali recently went viral on Reddit.com.



3. Paris, Montmartre Wall Mural

Feel like you’re sitting at a Montmartre cafe terrace all the time with this awesome vinyl wall mural is available from TheFancy.


4. Not your Average Pigeon

If you live in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam, the natural habitats of the Pink-necked Green Pigeon, this breed of bird is probably a more welcome sight. via Pinterest

5. Beeloved Packaging

A student from Serbia, Tamara Mihajlovic, designed this beautiful prototype packaging for a honey brand. Inspiring!


6. DIY Idea: An old Drawer as a sidetable

via Indulgy


7. A Goat Tower!

goat tower

One of only a few in world. Located close to Wolf Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville.


8. So this exists: SkinnyGirl Wine

I’m not a wine snob, but did the diet industry really have to go there?

via here



9. These PAINTINGS of classic cars…

Cheryl Kelley is the woman (yes, chicks dig cars too!) behind these photorealistic high-gloss oil paintings of classic cars. Like me, you probably did a double take before realising these are in fact paintings and not photographs. If you’re in New York City, catch her latest exhibition before it ends on April 6th– ‘Reflective Presence’ at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery.

10. Litill Terraniums

So you might have noticed that 1970s trend of terraniums is back, and it’s kinda, sorta very much growing on me! I’m especially digging these ones by Litill



11. A Fire Exit in Venice

via The Shirk Report

12. Cost-cutting Wedding Technology– the beautiful new apps.

I’m personally not on the wedding path but the season is upon us and I thought this tech-savvy suggestion from blogger and bride-t0-be Miss Moss would be useful for couples to be:

“Use Technology. We’re not actually having invitations printed at all – but going for a wedding website instead. It’s the tech side of me coming out, plus it can work out cheaper if you do it yourself. There are some wedding websites that offer this service, but i find most of them pretty naff. I’d suggest going with Squarespace and using a beautiful theme like Beatrice … Also, if you can’t afford a wedding photographer (or if you just want all the photos of your wedding in existence) – get the Wedding Party App and invite your friends to take & share photos on the day.

See more of Miss Moss’s cost-cutting wedding ideas.


13. The Shoemaker, since 1945

A must-see! From the Made in Brooklyn film-making team who create these wonderful shorts on New Yorkers still in the business of “making things” (you might recall The Violin Maker). I love everything about this video from Frank’s thick Brooklyn accent to his outlook on life…




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