5 Medieval-style ‘Game of Thrones’ Restaurants in Europe


5th Jun, 2013

Game of Thrones fever is pretty high right now. Fan of the show or not, I thought you might enjoy some of my picks for a medieval style feast in Europe…

1. The Medieval Taverns of Prague

Prague is pretty much your go-to European city for medieval-style taverns. The dining room pictured above is literally called Medieval Tavern, located in the heart of the historic Old Town. Some might say it’s a tourist trap but there’s no arguing they’ve done a pretty good job of making the surroundings look like something straight out of a Game of Thrones episode, a banquet thrown by the House of Stark!

Alternatively, there is the Tavern Brabant, complete with skulls hanging from the ceiling and hay on the floor to take you back to the Middle Ages. The food is just as authentic at both venues, with medieval and traditional Czech dishes on offer from pork roasted in bock beer to beef goulash– don’t expect to eat light, this is banquet-style eating.


2. Albergo Diffuso, Italy

You might recall we’ve looked at an Italian hotel built inside abandoned medieval grottos, with its beautifully but simply decorated rooms carved into limestone rock. Over in the next village, the same owners have created another hotel, this time with a restaurant serving local specialties, using ingredients of the region such as spelt, lentils, saffron, dill, parsnip from ancient and medieval mediterranean cultivations that still grow here in their original form.

The Albergo Diffuso in S. Stefano di Sessanio also creates a unique setting for special events such as weddings and parties. There is also a tea lounge for quiet after dinner gatherings. “The signs of past dwelling lifestyle are still visible on the stone floors and recuperated terracotta pavements; the traces of time are still tangible in the sedimentary traces on the thick stone walls; even the blankets are woven on ancient looms”. Even the reception of the hotel used to be where the medieval dwellers raised their pigs. Explore the Albergo Diffuso hotel.

To book phone +39 0862 899112

3. Gordon’s Wine Bar in London

Okay, so this one is not exactly medieval but it is the oldest wine bar you will find in London, and hey– it has the dripping candles and the spooky dark cave rooms, what more do you need for a Game of Thrones vibe? The building itself is as old as the 1680s, but the didn’t become a wine bar until the 1860s. Rudyard Kipling lived upstairs in the 1890s as a tenant and famously wrote “the light that failed in the parlour above the bar” (the building is now named Kipling House).

Gordon’s, popular with Londoners in-the-know obviously has an extensive wine list and serves traditional “grub” from homemade pies to wonderfully mature cheeses. I also recommend trying the cheekily-named “fat bastard” wine. It comes from France and was created by a pair of guys called Thierry and Guy. “The name arose from the expression that first came out of Thierry’s mouth to describe one of the first wines they created by leaving the wine on the lees – “now zat iz what you call eh phet bast-ard”!”

And when you need a little fresh air from the dimly-lit cellars, Gordon’s also has a very pleasant outdoor terrace at the back,

Gordon’s Bar: 47 Villiers Street, Embankment Tube. Website.


4. L’Ecurie in Paris

This is my favorite place to get drunk tipsy on red wine with a good paté de campagne and Steak Frites. a former stable on a lovely corner of Rue Montagne Saint-Geneviève– which also happens to be the same street Woody Allen filmed Midnight in Paris(just feet away from where Gil jumps in Hemingway’s car for a time travel to the 1920s).

This lovable family-run restaurant has gone unchanged since god-knows when it opened and feels like the ultimate French time capsule with cow bells hanging from the ceiling, rustic furniture and a traditional no-fuss menu. Downstairs is a medieval cellar which also happens to be a dining room, complete with dripping candles and stone arches. You can get a three-course lunch here for an astonishing 12 euros and everything is fresh. The bartender/ only waiter is also excellent company if you’re in the mood for a long (and boozy) lunch– he’ll keep filling up your wine glass and eventually lose count himself.

58, rue de la Montagne Ste-Geneviève, 5eme, Opening time: Mon– Sat noon–3pm & 7pm– midnight, Sun 7pm– midnight. Tel: 01 46 33 68 49

Photos of L'Ecurie, Paris
This photo of L’Ecurie is courtesy of TripAdvisor


5. Drac Restaurant at the Castell d’Emporda, Spain

I couldn’t very well do a post on medieval style ‘Game of Thrones’ restaurants without including a castle on here. A remodelled medieval castle with contemporary flair and divine terraces in Catalonia, the Castell d’Emporda was left untouched for 80 years until the Dutch owners snapped it up and worked their magic to transform it into and boutique hotel and restaurant. With superb wines from the Empordà region, the food at the hotel’s well-known Drac restaurant is top-notch. Expect simple tapas, elaborate starters and rich mains.

This place is so ‘Game of Thrones’ it even has miniature models of the siege of Castell d’Emporda in medieval times!

Image courtesy of Velvet Escape

Explore Castell d’Empordà here.




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