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On The Fly

There was an Italian lady 
now known as the Marchesa
but Man Ray and Augustus John 
addressed her as “Luisa”.

Being from Milan 
she loved things to be grand.
She dressed herself in mink;
Her back, her head and hands! 

Of course she had a cheetah
a pet she named “Dear Rhye”.
The feline ran away one day 
(He was a sneaky guy)

She looked for her dear baby
In Turkey – sigh – she had no luck
…Just a veil from Üsküdar.

“I’ll go to Paris,” she thought 
“I’ll come dressed as a fly
I’ll bewitch all the artists – 
I’m done with chasing Rhye!”

On the Orient Express she lounged
daydreaming about France. 
“I could rob Place Vendôme” she schemed 
“…but I prefer to dance.”

Along the Seine she tangoed
all the way to Rue de la Paix.
*Ka-chic!* “Vous ressemblez à une mouche, Madame!”

To which she smiled 
“Je sais”.

Convinced she once upon a time belonged in “Les Années Folles” Katherine Laturnus is a Canadian artist who exudes her own kind of mischief, mystery and style through her figurative paintings, which can be seen on her instagram @katherinelaturnus.