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I wanted to reach out and ask if you happen to have any travel tips and can’t miss Don’t-Be-A-Tourist tips for Stockholm! Thanks so much!

Thanks for your message! Here are some of our tips on how to enjoy Stockholm like a local:

Seeing & Doing

  • The Rosendals Garden is an oasis – a sustainability garden with cute greenhouses and a bakery, café and bar that would fit right in a storybook. Opening hours depend on the seasons and days.
  • Fotografiska is a cool photography museum (in fact, the largest photography museum in the world).
  • A magical botanical garden just on the outskirts of Stockholm, Bergianska trädgården is located right next to the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the main campus of Stockholm University. Look for the Victoria House/Victoriahuset..
  • Have you ever heard of Alfred Nobel? You might be surprised to learn that the man who had 355 patents to his name, most famously dynamite, and made his fortune from dealing arms, is the namesake of the Nobel Peace Prize. At the Nobel Prize Museum you learn more about Alfred Nobel’s background, as well as the lives of former winners, along with donated artifacts. There are regular guided tours, theatre performances, films, debates, and free entry on Friday nights. Ask for the quiz on your visit to be in for a chance of winning your own Nobel chocolate medal.
  • If you want to go on a Nobel Prize trail, it’s worth visiting the iconic Stockholm City Hall where the Nobel Prize ceremonies take place. The interior can only be visited on a guided tour, but it’s totally worth it. You’ll be taken to the Blue Hall, home to the largest organ in Scandinavia where the Nobel dinner is held, and the jaw-dropping Golden Hall, whose walls are lined with 18 million gold mosaic tiles depicting Byzantine allegories relating to Sweden, where the Nobel ball following the dinner is held. An extra ticket will give you access to the top of the tower, where you’ll be able to see the whole of Stockholm.
  • The permanent interactive ABBA exhibition at theABBA Museum is guaranteed fun and glitz for everyone; see the band’s sparkly original costumes, the piano that’s linked to Benny’s own which plays at the same time as he does, a phone set whose number is only known by ABBA, and perform with holograms of the fabulous four. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid the queues. You might also like to read up on The Strange Anatomy of ABBA’s Infamous (Tax Deductible) Wardrobe before your visit…


  • Papercut is culture vulture heaven. Arty magazines and books line the walls from top to bottom like a colourful mosaic. Find underground printed press from all corners of the world, as well as cult film DVDs and CDs, and tastefully selected stationary knick knacks.
  • For more inspirational art books and prints, stop by Konst-ig Books too.
  • In a former fire station, you’ll find a veritable “toy store for adults.” Brandstationen is an eclectic interior design shop filled with antiques cushioned by fabulous ferns; mid century zebra striped stools, sparkling chandeliers, exotic kilims, and pretty jewellery. For the more futuristic, there are hand picked off-beat contemporary finds too.
  • Grandpa is the ultimate scandi style concept shop full of carefully curated and ethically sourced products. Find men and women’s fashion, accessories, second hand treasures, and marvellous miscellaneous items you never knew you needed. This hipster shop is always full of good vibes, friendly staff, and cool music. 
  • Judits Second Hand is a go to boutique for glamorous vintage clothes shopping for women, where you can buy high quality, one-of a kind 20th century designer finds; whether it be Gucci loafers, an Hermes scarf, Miu Miu sunnies or an Yves Saint Laurent jacket. Just down the same road, at Herr Judit, you can find the brother store selling men’s high fashion too.
  • For some good old fashioned thrift shopping, look for the Myrorna charity shops dotted around Sweden. Roll up your sleeves and get digging through the fabrics, furniture, clothes, books, and more, and find those hidden jewels.
  • And if you must, there is a free shuttle bus that regularly goes to and from IKEA.

Eating & Drinking

  • For tea in a cute orangerie, Gamla Orengeriet.
  • Tiki Room is a fun place for a tropical cocktail.
  • Bröderna Olssons Garlic & Shots with over 100 varieties of vodka and the garlic cranked up on all the food.
  • Barobao is a cosy little botanist themed asian restaurant with lightwood tables, green plants growing everywhere, sensuous glass domes and vintage flora pictures on the walls. The stars of the show on the seasonal and minimal menu are bao buns, and if you’re at loss for what to choose, start with the pork belly bun.
  • Raw vegan café and boutique, Bliss Café, is the perfect hippie den run by a yogi, with crystals glowing next to the colourful middle-eastern textiles strewn across the tables. Try a vibrant veggie spread or simply enjoy a herbal tea from the intricately decorated silver pots. This spot also hosts cooking, yoga, and meditation classes, as well as detox retreats outside the city. 
  • Craft beer, pizza, motorbikes and music – what more do you need?Rost is a local pub joined at the hip with a motorbike repair shop, filled with mix and match retro furniture and quirky bric a brac from a candyball machine to rusty highway signs from the 50s. Check online for regular events such as tango dancing, live music, stand up comedy, and pub quizzes.
  • While the English have their afternoon tea, the Swedes have their fika. This national pastime of taking a break with a hot drink and cake (or a cinnamon bun and sandwich) is taken very seriously. It’s the time in the day to connect with friends, family, workmates and more, and to give yourself a little breather from the business of life. For a good old modern coffee shop, where you can get comfy with a cup of coffee, lemon tart and a book, or avocado and poached eggs with friends, look for Kaffeverket. It’s the kind of place where your juice is served in a jar and the interior is totally instagrammable.

Places to stay (with no specific budget in mind)