13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CLXXVI)


15th Feb, 2016

1. Kite Flying with Alexander Graham Bell


In 1899, Alexander Graham Bell, famous for inventing the telephone, began experimenting with kites in search of insights into the possibility of powered flight.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada --- Alexander Graham Bell assistants hold an experimental kite. --- Image by © Bell Collection/National Geographic Creative/Corbis

The basic problem of creating flying objects is that as a body’s surface area is squared, its weight is cubed, limiting the maximum size and lifting capability.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada --- Alexander Graham Bell's tetrahedral kite is towed on the water. --- Image by © National Geographic Creative/Corbis

Bell’s largest tetrahedral design, the “Cygnet,” was composed of 3,393 cells. It successfully flew and carried a human passenger when towed behind a steamship, but was destroyed on landing. (That passenger… would later become the first person to die in a powered airplane flight as a passenger on a Wright Brothers invention). 

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada --- The multicellular giant kite designed by Alexander Graham Bell. --- Image by © Bell Collection/National Geographic Creative/Corbis

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada --- An Alexander Graham Bell scientific kite with three 12-sided cells. --- Image by © Bell Collection/National Geographic Creative/Corbis

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada --- Men hold up Alexander Graham Bell's multicelled tetrahedral kite. --- Image by © Bell Collection/National Geographic Creative/Corbis


Discover the full article and all its stunning photos on Mashable.


2. This Treehouse

Find Best Hotel From The Gypset Living Series Bambu Indah Ubud Bali Blogat

As seen in the Gypset Living series, the treehouse of the Bambu Indah eco Resort in Ubud, Bali.


Find more photos on the resort’s website.


3. The Beatles’ Mad Day Out


In the early summer of 1968, Paul McCartney telephoned esteemed war photographer Don McCullin to ask him to spend a day photographing The Beatles. The group was in need of new publicity images, and wanted to get away from the recording studio temporarily.

Beatles Mad Day Out (30)

There were seven key locations around London in what became known as the Mad Day Out.

Beatles Mad Day Out (1)

Beatles Mad Day Out (12)

Beatles Mad Day Out (13)

Beatles Mad Day Out (19)

Found on the Beatles Bible via Vintage Everyday.


4. This Professional at Scrapbooker






José Naranja, professional notebookmaker  from Spain. His “The Orange Manuscript” is available for sale

Found via his instagram.


5. Michelangelo’s Tuscan Villa For Sale


Originally built as a fortification, the property was purchased by Michelangelo in 1549, three years after the Pope appointed him architect for St. Peter’s Basilica. The artist had written a letter to his nephew Leonardo asking him to help him find a reasonably priced property ten or 15 miles away from Florence. He purchased the villa for 2,281 florins (roughly a little over $319,340 today).




The deeds to Michelangelo’s old Tuscan villa, a three-structure complex complete with Renaissance-age fixtures, functional wood-burning fireplaces, and an olive grove, could be yours for just $8,369,602.


Found on Hyper Allergic.


6. A Forgotten and Tiny Classic Car, 1938


Barn Finds stumbled across this tiny 1938 Ihle on eBay. The German brand Ihle actually has quite the amazing history, starting out with building beautiful custom bodies for BMW Dixies .. .and went on to build all kinds of cars, including mini cars for amusement rides. While this definitely was not designed for street use, it does have a 2 speed transmission.


Read more about this highly unusual car found on Barn Finds.


7. A Gameboy Ad from 1991


Found on Imgur.


8. Mardi Gras ‘Spice Girls’


Found on Reddit.


9. Iris Apfel inspired Jewellery



Brooch and necklace by Lou Taylor Studio on Etsy.


10. This Vintage Poster Set


By the Black Vinyl.


11. Behind the scenes of the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe Skirt Blowing


On location in NYC, filming of Seven Year Itch, 1955. An hour after midnight on the corner of New York’s Lexington Ave and 52nd Street, Monroe stood atop a subway grate and created movie magic – 14 times. Taking around three hours to film, the scene took 14 takes to get right, while 100 male photographers and between 2,000 and 5,000 spectators (who all loudly reacted whenever her skirt blew up) looked on.


Joe DiMaggio was on the set and this scene allegedly pissed him off so much it led to their divorce. The dress was recently sold for $4.6m.

Found on Biography.


12. Movie Night in Miniature







In his latest series, “Sitting in the Dark with Strangers”, Richard Finkelstein (a former trial lawyer) uses miniature figurines and meticulously fabricated sets to compose his images and explore the experience of the movies.

Found Robert Mann, via Juxtapoz


13. The Story of Dr. Eduard Bloch, Hitler’s Jewish Physician


This is Eduard Bloch, the Austrian Jewish physician of the Hitler family in his office c. 1938. Bloch was later called a ‘noble Jew’ by Hitler and stood under his personal protection. This was his family physician growing up. Hitler had siblings, and parents. This doctor did all he could while they were poor, and when Hitler’s mother had cancer. He kindly gave them discounts on medicine, and apparently didn’t charge them when they really needed it.

He was supposedly quite fond of the family in general, and when the Holocaust and Nazi rise occurred, Dr Bloch and his wife were protected, and admitted to leave the country without harassment, even allowed to sell their home at a normal price. Dr Bloch genuinely tried to help Hitler’s mother during her illness, and Hitler really appreciated it, even sending him flowers at Christmas. When Dr Bloch wrote to Hitler during the Anschluss, Hitler immediately responded by sending the Gestapo to make sure no harm came to the Blochs.

Found on Wikipedia via Reddit.

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