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Everything you read by Messy Nessy is written from my little clubhouse with a view here in Paris … or sometimes from the little café downstairs.

Mum & Dad named me Vanessa, but you can call me Nessy.

As you might have guessed, my life tends to get a little messy but I like to think it’s still chic– like a Jean-Luc Godard film or something.

Nessy was raised a London girl (there I go talking in third-person), but one day I packed up my things and decided it was time to return to the land of my ancestors and cheese, and move to gay ol’ Paris.

I fell in love and never looked back. (Highly recommended).

My passions? I like food, singing, writing, abandoned places, old photographs and puppies most in life.

If you’d like to contact me with a query, do not hesitate.

If you see a photograph that belongs to you on my site, it’s because I’m a fan and it was too good not to share! If the photograph is missing a link, I haven’t been able to find you and need you to get in touch so it can be credited correctly! However, if you don’t want to share it, I will gladly remove anything you ask me to, so please let me know.


Co-Founder at large / Magic Elf / Chief Technical Boss man


This is Alex. He’s the guy that saves my ass when I do something stupid on this blog.

He’s also the guy that took me from my little itty bitty small-time blog to this shiny new website you see today.

Alex is a born and raised Parisian. That means he drives a scooter, smokes a lot of cigarettes and knows how to dress like they do on The Sartorialist.

As well as being a computer engineering whiz, Alex can also design and make men’s shoes by hand. Oooh err. But on top of that, he’s the co-founder of his own artisanal brand of e-liquids called Thenancara.

He’s more than just a magic elf really. A lot of my ideas and inspiration come from this beautifully-bearded Parisian man.

For any problems that arise during your browsing experience, please let us know:


The latest version of this website was also the handy work of a talented chap we found in old London town, by the name of Matt Gerrish

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Editorial Contributor


Inge is a freelance writer from the Netherlands who loves to cook (but mostly eat), sing, draw/paint, tries her hand at photography and likes to believe the hype that coffee is really good for you.

She was born in an unpronounceable Dutch town with 5K inhabitants, outgrew the place and went out into the world.

After studying fashion design for a few years, she decided to make a switch and went to university to study American studies, youth culture, music and media and recently became a Master of North America(n Studies).

Her love of stories comes with being a great listener.

You can connect with Inge through her TwitterLinkedin or Tumblr.