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Unlock the Mini Guides

Welcome to the Keyholders’ Library, it’s our very own private parlor, the Messy Nessy Map room, where our guides and special productions are kept for the perusal of Keyholders!

For the curious traveller who likes to discover the most unusual and off-beat spots in town, I’ve been collecting special addresses and consulting with experts around the world to create these mini ebook guides.

If you get a Keyholder membership, you can get all of the mini guides current and future at your disposal for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year ! Plus all the perks of the Keyholder membership, including a direct line to your personal travel & collector’s concierge service, access to our social club, events program and secret stories!

Alternatively, you can buy these mini guides individually on shop.messynessychic.com

We hope you enjoy the current reading, we’ll keep updating as we release new books, come back soon.