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Need help planning a weekend itinerary in Paris? Some restaurant recommendations for a remote village in the North Pole? We’re here to personally answer all your travel questions and needs. Ask us anything!

Destination Directory A-Z

If you can’t find the place you’re looking for in our Travel Library, check out our research and recommendations for dozens more destinations across continents around the world.

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The Vault’s eBook library, is where you’ll find a range of weekend guides, travel reports and niche research.

You can download as many as you like on as many devices as you like and they’re yours to keep. We’ll be adding to the library all the time so make regular visits to see what’s new. You can also make a request for a travel guide or special itinerary via our Travel Concierge (see below). 

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You’ll find more of day-to-day Paris through my eyes, personal updates, extra people-watching videos, local news, spontaneous live feeds, and my latest discoveries at home and afar. 

New York & Paris Restaurant Guide

Hungry? What are you in the mood for?

This guide will be continuously updated as we discover more culinary gems, both new and well-marinated. For searching restaurants by area, just refer to your Keyholder’s Paris map.

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You asked, we delivered, As a Keyholder, you will enjoy the ultimate online reading room– without the distractions of banner advertisements, view-obstructing pop-ups and unwanted noise from the world wide web. Never let ugly advertisements again get in the way of a beautiful story again. Just pure, uninterrupted MNC goodness!

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