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How to Pitch Messy Nessy

Go down the rabbit hole…

So you have a story to tell and you have a feeling this is the right place to do it. The good news is, we’re open to finding untapped writing talent and veteran storytellers alike.

We’re looking for article ideas that are so jaw-droppingly interesting that it pains you not to share them with the world!

Think forgotten scandals, quirky obsessions, unusual subcultures, unsung heroes, secret places, things hiding in plain sight, weird history, quirky creations, and time-travelling adventures. You know, the stuff you can’t stop thinking about … that you secretly Google to the point of carpal tunnel. Perhaps you come from a smalltown that’s full of untold stories, have a neighbour who lives in a time capsule or enjoy exploring abandoned castles in your spare time.

We want that stuff.

We accept pitches for in-depth features, multiple article series, short articles, long articles, and everything in between. This includes photo essays that offer unusual perspectives, maps, unique footage, rare historical archives, lost images, etc.

Submit your two best topic ideas. Include proposed title, a few bulleted “takeaways” for each topic, your proposed photos/imagery for each topic, and where you found those photos.

The most successful pitches will include an outline of the story, the characters, your access, your proposed imagery/photos (or your plan for photos/imagery), the big “takeaways” that you think the story offers, and how you plan to execute.

Original Content:
We don’t publish pieces that have been printed elsewhere, that come across as promotional, or that do not include sources. We’re looking for original ideas that can inspire our audience. Think out of the box!

Unique Angle:
Can you already envision your title that will grab the internet’s attention? Maybe this topic has been covered somewhere/ somehow before– if so, are you bringing new information or offering a new way of looking at the story? Tip: (Avoid topics, facts, information, photos that have beaten to death in other articles)

Messy Nessy is a very visual site. All pitches must provide 1) links to the proposed photos or 2) explain how and where you will source photos/imagery.

No set length:
We like long-reads, short-reads, everything in between. But, you must have good imagery and be able to provide proper credits.

We’re particularly interested in uncovering secret histories, boots-on-the-ground coverage of little-known locales, unusual subcultures, profiles of fascinating people, topics that are non-touristy and off the beaten path, rare historical archives, old trends, first-hand accounts of odd gatherings or moments in history, or anything that captivates, evokes nostalgia or a sense of place.

We’re looking forward to receiving your two pitches and working with you to become a MessyNessy Contributor!

Pitch Submission

Good luck,
The MessyNessy Team