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* UPCOMING EVENT! Are you in town to join Nessy on the Seine for an apéro on May 25th (6.30pm-8.30pm)?

Drop us an rsvp via the Concierge inbox and we’ll send you our location. Hope to see you soon!

Become a Keyholder today to join our meet-ups!

Our Spring / Summer events & inspiration guides for Paris is now online and our New York Spring 2022 Guide is here.

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  • Q&A with Wes Anderson’s Sign Painters 🎥 REWATCH
  • Paris with the Marchioness of Gossip 🎥 REWATCH
  • Backstage at London’s Natural History Museum with Senior Curator James Maclaine 🎥 REWATCH
  • Paris Re-opening café stroll 🎥 REWATCH
  • A Paris Stroll with Nessy finding the Latin Quarter’s 2000 Year Old Treasure 🎥 REWATCH
  • Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death with Bruce Goldfarb 🎥 REWATCH
  • Café Chat with the one & only Diane Pernet, “the original style blogger” and high priestess of fashion on film 🎥 REWATCH
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Black History in Paris’s Left Bank 🎥 REWATCH
  • A Virtual Stroll Through Secret Parisian Passageways with Nessy 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A with Elspeth Beard, the first British Woman to Ride Around the World (alone) on a Motorbike 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A and Studio Visit with Globemakers Bellerby & Co 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A and Show & Tell with a Time Travelling Egyptologist aka Dr. Colleen Darnell. 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A (and Ghost Town Tour) with the Man Who Bought His Own Ghost Town. 🎥REWATCH.
  • Q&A with Picasso’s Muse & Fellow Artist, Sylvette. 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A with a Parisian Cataphile (catacombs explorer, Alexander JE Bradley). 🎥 REWATCH

We’ll be sending your private Keyholder Video Link & easy how-to guide for joining 48 hours prior to each event.


Reserve Your Seats Here – SOLD OUT! Stay Tuned for Next month’s event.

Drinks & nibbles start at 7.45pm. We’ll have wine and cheese & movie snacks but feel free to bring your own food or drink to suit your dietary needs. 

The screening will start at 8.30pm sharp (no trailers!)

What we’ll be watching: Belle du Jour (1967, starring Catherine Deneuve, with English subtitles)

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