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Keyholder Video Meet-Ups

While our own travel & events at MessyNessyChic are also affected during these times, we’re hosting Keyholder Video Events on Zoom to allow our community members to join our virtual happenings by video link.

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, June 10th: Take a virtual stroll with Nessy in Paris! Clear your head and admire the views of summertime in Paris as we wander around a natural island in the heart of the city. More details to come.
  • Wednesday June 3rd: Unfortunately we’ve had a last-minute cancellation for our Q&A guest today. I propose we regroup the following Wednesday (see above), leaving room to process and reflect on this historic uprising, before heading out together to clear our heads on a virtual stroll around Paris next week. Thanks for your understanding.

Rewatch Previous Video Events you Missed:

  • A Virtual Stroll Through Secret Parisian Passageways with Nessy 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A with Elspeth Beard, the first British Woman to Ride Around the World (alone) on a Motorbike 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A and Studio Visit with Globemakers Bellerby & Co 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A and Show & Tell with a Time Travelling Egyptologist aka Dr. Colleen Darnell. 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A (and Ghost Town Tour) with the Man Who Bought His Own Ghost Town. 🎥REWATCH.
  • Q&A with Picasso’s Muse & Fellow Artist, Sylvette. 🎥 REWATCH
  • Q&A with a Parisian Cataphile (catacombs explorer, Alexander JE Bradley). 🎥 REWATCH

We’ll be sending your private Keyholder Video Link & easy how-to guide for joining 48 hours prior to each event.


Reserve Your Seats Here – SOLD OUT! Stay Tuned for Next month’s event.

Drinks & nibbles start at 7.45pm. We’ll have wine and cheese & movie snacks but feel free to bring your own food or drink to suit your dietary needs. 

The screening will start at 8.30pm sharp (no trailers!)

What we’ll be watching: Belle du Jour (1967, starring Catherine Deneuve, with English subtitles)

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