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Madame On The Street

I notice each piercing glance as you walk on by,
Too afraid you are to look me in the eye.

I dress with flair to shock and amuse,
So powerful these accoutrements are that I choose.

Why do you judge by what only you see?
Especially when you know not a thing about me.

I take great pleasure in going against the grain,
Refusing to live a life that is ordinary and mundane.

My wish is one day you will stop and we engage and talk,
Sadly I know you will continue to walk.

What is a mask? What does it hide?
It protects my fragile heart inside.

Be not afraid of which you do not understand,
How we all long for the simple touch of a hand.

Our eyes will lock and perhaps one day we shall meet,
You will always remember the Madame on the street.

Heather Bender is a professional wanderer and seeker of joy and beauty, she lives in the fabulous city of Savannah, Georgia.