The 19th Century Escort Cards with Pick-Up Lines you definitely haven’t heard before


21st Apr, 2015


Without Facebook, online dating sites and lest we dare mention applications like Tinder, in the 19th century, single boys and girls had to be a little more inventive with their dating game. And thus, the American ‘escort card’ or ‘invitation card’ was introduced. It wasn’t exactly used in high society but this handy acquaintance card was used by “the less formal male” in approaches to “the less formal female”. Single young gents looking for a ‘casual encounter’ could present the flirtatious card to discreetly ask ladies if they could “accompany them home”. According to a collector of these cards and other quirky historical novelties, Alan Mays, the card was “a common means of introduction, it was never taken too seriously”.

They came in quite a variety of designs with amusing pick-up lines you’ve not likely heard  before while waiting for your drink at the bar…













Of course some cards, perhaps given out in a certain type of establishment, were a little more to the point…


Discover the full collection of historical oddities by Alan Mays.

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