21 Houses to Avoid on Halloween


31st Oct, 2012

Don’t be that stupid guy that gets killed first. Think twice before you go looking for a thrill this Halloween…. (queue the spooky music).

1. Wooden Houses with pointy Witch hats.


This house is obviously cursed and will have you sprouting Latin (or some other dead language) in no time.

Detroit, via here



2. Houses that look like the Bates Motel.


If it even slightly resembles a house that looks like it was the one from that slasher movie, expect a crazed copycat murderer to be waiting for you inside. Standard.

Coudersport, Pennsylvania, via here


3. The House that’s watching you.


So you think this would be the perfect place for a harmless night of ghost stories with beer and flashlights? That house is counting on it.

 Detroit, via here



4. The House that looks like a creepy old orphanage where there was a “mysterious” fire.


The twin girls with the white petticoats are still looking for revenge, so best leave them to it.

Jasper County, Texas via here

5. That House on the Hill


You’re already out of breath from climbing up the steep path to get to the house…. not ideal seeing as you’re going to be chased around by the chainsaw killer that lives there.

Moline, Illinois, via here


6. An Entire Village of Abandoned Houses.


So that works out as an entire village-worth of zombies to fight off. (Sorry, your chances are slim).

Somewhere in Russia via here


7. The Clown House


We all know clowns are not to be messed with. Stay home and watch “IT” with the lights on instead.

Detroit, via here



8. The Old Farmhouse


If you’re in Texas, you should know better really.

Ipava, Illinois via here

9. Creepy Mansions with unnecessarily-long footpaths.

The Right Life

Because that’s where you’ll be found, just before the gates. With an axe sticking out of your back.

 Location unknown, via here


10. Anything that looks like an old mental asylum


If you and your buddies decide to “split up”, wait for the inevitable, death will come shortly.

 Detroit, via here



11. The Little House in the Woods


Heard a noise and one of you decides to go check it out? Did they happen to mention they’ll “be back soon”? Well, they’re not coming back. So just kick back, relax and wait. You’re next. Don’t bother running, you’ll trip over a bunch of times anyway. And even if there is a house in running distance from this one, they’re probably axe murders too.

Rockland Lake, New York via here 



12. Houses that could Swallow you Up


The health and safety hazards would get you even before those creatures living inside.

Detroit, via here


13. The House with the Room at the Top


See those windows at the top? Yeah, that’s the room where little Jimmy stands and lures in his victims. One by one.

Tannersville, New York, via here



14. The House with the Evil Grin


Any house with a facial expression on it should probably be avoided.

Detroit, via here


15. A House that looks perfect for a location on The Walking Dead


Yep, there’s half-eaten people locked up in the basement if you’d like to join them.

Colchester, Nova Scotia, CA via here


16. The House everyone knows is haunted but gets sold to some out-of-towners as a “fixer-upper”.


Do you really need candy that badly?

 Unknown location, via here


17. The Old House by the Lake

The Abandoned House By Calanais III

Saw an inviting light on in the window? You might as well get the inevitable over with  and just throw yourself into the lake.

Siar, Scotland via here


18. That place Blair Witch was probably filmed.


At least film the whole thing so someone can find the grainy footage and make millions at the box office with it next Halloween.

Detroit, via here



20. The House with police tape across it and vultures chilling on the roof.

Police tape indicates there was a murder here. The vultures indicate they haven’t found all the bodies yet.

Eastern Shore of Maryland via here


21. The House on the Empty Road where you really don’t want to run out of gas.


Word of advice: Just skip Texas altogether on your Halloween road trip.

Location unknown (probably in Texas) via here

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