13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. XLVI)


4th Nov, 2013

1. Found under the carpet

“Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found”– submitted by Reddit user Nnewel.



2. Unseen Photos Of Rolling Stones Discovered At US Flea Market

Lauren White, whilst rummaging around her local flea market in Los Angeles, California, stumbled upon a collection of 23 photographs of The Rolling Stones. All were apparently taken during the heady days of their 1965 tour through Georgia and Florida.

“Basically, a guy who runs one of the stands called me over because I “looked like I would like rock ‘n’ roll”– and he was right…. He obviously didn’t know what he had. To tell the truth, I didn’t either. I obviously knew it was the Stones, but it took about a week of looking them over to realize that this was really a very unique circumstance.

After extensive research, I came to find that these are unpublished, never-before-seen photos of one of the most legendary bands in rock ‘n’ roll history. Not only that, they are beautifully composed, candid, raw and perfect in every way. They really convey a band innocent to their destiny.”

The photographer is still unknown. Some say it might be Keith Richards on account of him not being in any of the photographs other than a selfie.

Found on So Bad, So Good



3. Banned books match book set

$8 shop here



4. Zalipie: Poland’s Painted Village

Zalipie - malowana wieś / Zalipie - painted village


Farmer, Foal and Flowers, Zalipie, Poland

Zalipie - malowana wieś / Zalipie - painted village

Bridge, Zalipie, Poland

Zalipie specific ornamentation tradition.

M05d Zalipie museum

Malowany dom

The secluded village of Zalipie in southeastern Poland is home to a charming tradition.  Over a century ago the women of the village began to paint their houses… Nothing, it seems, escapes their attention. The chicken coups are painted. The village bridge is painted. The bins are painted. Read more, found on Kuriositas.




5. A Lego Vinyl Store

Found here



6. Best Halloween costume of 2013 goes to Supermodel, Heidi Klum

The 40 year-old model pulled out all the stops once again for Halloween. Photos found on Vogue and Heidi Klum’s Twitter



7. The Last Shell Station

Shell built eight of these shell-shaped stations, and this is the only one remaining. Built in 1930, it has been restored by the Preservation North Carolina organisation, and now serves as their satellite office. Found on Roadtrippers. 



8. Anjelica Houston on Jack Nicholson

“Jack was a huge movie star and got a lot of attention and sometimes it was really hard to be around it, because it would come uncensored and very directly if I was with him or not. Girls literally threw themselves at him. And he was all boy. He wasn’t going to turn down anything interesting, particularly if I was away. And I was away a lot…Ultimately, it’s terribly hard for me to break up with people, but Jack and I had essentially broken up a long time before we did break up. We weren’t living together, we were seeing other people, we weren’t discussing it with each other. A lot of the confrontational quality of our relationship – that confrontation that goes with knowing someone belongs to you – did not exist anymore. But the actual act of breaking up with Jack was huge, it was like breaking up with a parent, it was as hard as any death I’ve ever survived.”

And on Wes Anderson…

“I’m always a lonely part in his movies. It’s really frustrating because I want to be one of the girls or one of the boys. Still, there’s a fantastic line in the Darjeeling Limited when the mother is asked why she didn’t come to the father’s funeral? and she answers, ‘I didn’t want to.’ Her whole character is expressed in that fantastically liberating line. That’s the way I want to feel, that I didn’t do something because I didn’t want to, rather than making up an excuse, like I had a tummy ache. I’m still working on that, I’m still hiding from the teacher.”

More from this interview on AnOther Magazine



9. Malamén Restaurant, Mexico City

Photos by Jaime Navarro.  Malamén Restaurant, Emilio Castelar 121 K, Polanco, Mexico City. Found on Yatzer



10. Hand-stitched Blankets and Throws from Bangladesh

The Kantha Blanket | Bangladesh:   Kantha, a traditional two-sided blanket made from reclaimed sari cloth, has been a quiet form of self-expression for women in Bangladesh for centuries. Our kantha blankets are hand-stitched in Bangladesh by women at Basha who have completed transitional job training programs with MCC and CUP. At Basha, women gain job skills, develop into leaders and entrepreneurs, and experience Biblical values lived out in the workplace.

Shop here.



11. Road tripping with a BMW Isetta

All photos found on the Airstreamin Facebook page



12. Tourist stumbles across grocery store inside Korean subway car

Spotted in Seoul, found on Rocket News 24



13. A 13th century church in the English countryside with wild flowers and weeds

The Weed and Wild Flower festival in Bignor, England sees the village church transformed into a vast display of wildflowers and weeds in July, all created by the village residents. The event also includes local craftmen, artists, musicians, workshops, wild food cookery demonstrations, poetry reading and Downland walks. Found here.

All things bright and beautiful

Image by Dancing Fish





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